Hello there, thank you for visiting my gallery! I hope you enjoy your visit! 

I am an amateur photographer and illustrator. I got my first camera at 16, and have been enjoying photography ever since. I started out with a Kodak EasyShare Z740, and it did me well to start out with. But since then, I have changed my camera several times, and I currently use a Canon EOS 6D. The full fame sensor of the 6D enables me to capture photos in much greater detail and quality. ​​​​​​​

I currently offer a selection of photos and art on Etsy and Adobe Stock. 
What's in the name?

Red Castle was derived from my family history in Switzerland. My last name Burkholder was spelled Burkhalter in Switzerland and literally meant "castle slope". Furthermore, red was the predominate color in our family's coat of arms. So hence the name Red Castle Photography.
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